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    The first game designed, built and optimized for 5G networks

    All ’bout the Hustle!

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    About the Game

    Playas.Life is all about the Hustle! Playas talk the talk but can they walk the walk? Get your Hustle on and PROVE IT!
    Playas.Life is a one of a kind game creating a whole new genre of gaming we can best describe as a “Virtual Real World Game”. Almost everything is based off of it’s real world counterparts. This include things like costs of items, taxes, aging, death, inflation and many other factors. The goal of the game is for the player to climb various ranks in multiple fields to reach the top and gain prizes. One of the greatest things about Playas.Life is the way it connects itself to the real world. For example, instead of using a plastic guitar made of buttons to compete against others in one of the music games you would be required to use a real guitar connected to the game. This would allow for multiple members to connect together and create a band and then compete against others or play venues in the game itself.
    Some of the things allowed in game involve activities such as dealing, theft, and gun play. Most of these will be minimized through the use of Battle Royale systems, the ability of players to police the game themselves. There is also a player run court system for offenders that include fines and jail.
    Some additional characteristics of the game is the ability of players to create business accounts and earn real life money from their activities. An election system in which players elect Mayors for the cities and Presidents for the servers who determine the rules that the characters must follow.
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    Henderson, NV (Las Vegas)

    Great news! After talking with the powers that be in Henderson, NV we have decided to go ahead with our pilot program! It is going to take a bit of time to set up but we are excited to be working with! We will be adding a page describing the program very soon!


    Received a return call from Welderup this morning! Had a few good laughs and some good conversation. I’ll be sending them a proposal to be in the game and see if the interest continues! I would love to have their Rat Rods in the game!!


    Get your hustle on. Start a gang. Top the charts. Can you be the biggest Playa on the servers and win prizes?


    Play your Citizens to run stores and services or make them Vigilantes.. good or bad!


    Can you be the best cop on the server? Or will you let corruption fill your pockets with money?

    Citizen Vigilantes

    Citizens are NPC characters that include your own characters that you are not currently playing. You can give your citizens jobs to earn you in game money or assign specific functions to them such as hustling or criminal activities. Citizens are the portion of your account that owns businesses, corporations and other things. You can also assign citizens to be vigilantes.
    Vigilantes can be either heroic or criminal in nature. The Mayor of the city will determine if Vigilantes can be crime fighters or if all vigilantes are criminals no matter if they are good or bad. Vigilantes are generally dressed in costumes and tend to hide their identity.

    Player Run Servers

    Player run servers takes on a whole new meaning in Playas.Life! Run a political campaign to become Mayor of a city or President of a server. As President you get to decide the rules of the server. As Mayor you get to make the rules of the city your in. Just remember.. with great power comes great consequences! Will the players revolt with the rules you make and take you out of power? Or will you be a great leader have have unlimited followers?

    Multiple Battle Royale Systems

    Enjoy 3 different Battle Royale Systems, each with their own style and difficulty.


    Reality is the hardest. Fight for your life and 1st place. It has the BEST rewards!


    Toon includes magic, swordplay and all the good stuff of MMOs!


    Stylized is the type of battle royale that most people are familiar playing.

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